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People like fast services- They came out to enjoy the food, and moments not to wait for orders to be taken Reduces Front Desk Labour cost- People can place orders by themselves Increases Per Table revenue turnover- More serving capacity, shorter timing for dining means more people can be served in same duration Increase upselling- Sometime people want to add-on more food, but unavailability of staff turns it into loss of revenue

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59% of restaurant orders from millennials are takeout or delivery. In large suburbs, online ordering grew 3,868% between February and April.

New data shows that 69% of diners prefer contactless payment over cash, and with no clear end to sanitation restrictions in sight, this is where the industry is heading.

Minimize the exchange between your servers and dine-in guests to provide a safe and satisfying experience. To reduce the handling of menus, dine-in guests can access and place their orders directly from your online menu using their own mobile device.

Orders placed via smartphone and mobile apps will become a $38 billion industry by 2020.

What could be more convenient to receive an order and payment in advance, and shift of your labour into more productivity phase. Online ordering made everything in restaurant seamlessly. With help of Easy to Dine, your online ordering is totally in control of your hands.

Have you heard about table side ordering? If no, let us introduce you to the most interesting feature of Easy to Dine. With little help of our system, now your customer can place an order within restaurant without giving order to server. This is how it work, customer sits on table, grabs his/her phone (without impatiently waiting for server to take order), scan QR stickers, scrolls up and down, selects food item and places an order.

If you have your own delivery channel, then use this feature. You can charge customer in different fee structures and charges will automatically add into customer`s bill

Don’t you think how it cool it would be, when can book table just from phone rather calling the staff. It reduces human error by 100% and makes perfect service impression on your client.